Studio One Song Info

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data flow

At the end of the mixing project, we prepare the documentation and archive it together with the other elements of the project. Optionally, we can save a copy to a common directory, where we store the documentation of all projects. With the help of the documentation, it is possible to avoid the subsequent opening of projects and possible accidental modifications.

Song page

The Song page contains general information about the project, such as artist title, sample rate, bit depth, tempo, time and key signatures, song notes and channel notes.

Channels page

The Channels page contains all the channels used in the project, as well as information corresponding to their type.

Routing page

The Routing page contains the connections between the channels. Types of connections: input, sends, side-chain and output.

Instruments page

The Instruments page contains the software (VSTi) instruments used by the project with the name of the associated track.

Plugins page

The Plugins page lists the plugins (VST) used in the project, their statuses, the containing channel and the name of the insert.

Plugin usage page
Plugin usage

The Plugin usage page lists the plugins (VST) used in the project and their quantity.

Routing matrix page
Routing matrix

The Routing matrix graphically represents the connections between channels.


The completed and archiveable document.